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Rally Test sections

Rally Test sections


During a rally in wrc ,drivers run some 400 kilometers of stages in full speed over three days. But during testing the covered distances are longer, speeds almost as high and what’s the worst, the same piece of short road is covered tens of times making testing quite difficult . According to driver’s comments, tire testing is very important , as it is mainly comparative work.

 Codrivers test sections, will be adapted to your needs and experience.

According to co driver’s comments, correct description of road (day & night) advanced pace noting (aimed at both crew members), noting for speed using correct Pace Note stationary, recognising hazards, recording recce, is the most important work.

A co-driver cannot win a rally. But he can easily lose one”.  Louis Moya.

 Our company  provides professional test services for officials  teams & drivers from 1998 with high level experience and professionalism