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Even If you have put together a good team, package of car, driver and mechanics the position of team coordinator is essential to bring the whole group together as a cohesive unit.

The driver should be kept free from the worries of timing and servicing. The mechanics should be kept free from the worry of tactics.

 It is essential that someone can stand back and take an overall view of the position and take clear and prompt decisions.

We can supply this expertise, knowledge and experience.

On event coordination & logistic support :

Provision of all communication with the event organizers, including   generally all the necessaries proceedings for your participation

Provision of all communication with the event organizers, including:

 Service book with full plans, prepare together with all the necessary maps.

Schedule before and during event week for all team

Invitations for Visas(if is necessary)

ATA carnet (if is necessary)

Travel Schedule for team & truck

 Booking Hotel   

Booking Flight ticket   

Booking Ferry tickets (if is necessary)

Booking Rent a cars

Responsible for tires

Responsible for fuels

Responsible for administrative checks & scrutineering

Organize Hospitality & catering during event

Organize  the  Recce support & weather crew

 and generally all the aspects of the team organisation


Technical support

 No matter how big or small a team can be, they all have the same basic requirements.

We  provide:

·   Base – secured workshop in Italy and  Greece

·   Service truck (workshop) + trailer for transportation on event place

·   Container (workshop) for events out of Europe

·   Full tool package & equipments

·   Engine  management & data acquisition systems

·   Professional technical stuff –

·    Mechanics ( mechanics experts from international  events)   

·   Experienced Engineers

·   Gear box & differential specialist

·   Body technician

·   Suspension technician

·   Electronic

·   Car decoration expert

·   Promotional materials for your sponsors


On event  technical  support world wide:

·   Calculate  necessaries spare parts for event

·   Car  technical  preparation before event

·   Car decoration

·   Transportation car  on event place    

·   Technical support during test, shakedown,  qualify  , event

·    Full car rebuild after event