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Container /work shop

Our Container /workshop is 6m (20 std)with 3 floors for carry on tools and equipment as well as the rally or race car with all the spare parts, for participation in world wide events .
We include full tools package for 5 mechanics as well full equipment (generator, air compressor,jacks, gru, Special boxes for spare parts etc,).
There is also electricity system with extensions and water tank 80liters.
This container was used by E. Novikov in PWRC 2008 ( Rally Argentina, Rally New Zealand, Rally Japan)

Camcorder mount & in car camera

The headrest mount enables the camcorder to be mounted into a car’s headrest. It is fully adjustable for the different widths of headrest. The camcorder attaches to a ball mount, so the camera can be set to the required position. You get a great view from the drivers prospective or it can be used to video inside the vehicle. Ideal for recce & track days